It is currently 11 (eleven!) degrees in the state of Oklahoma (Broken Arrow, more specifically) and according to my weather app, it feels like -5 with the windchill. Yes, -5. And yes, after spending no more than just enough time out there to let my dog out, I’d say that’s right. No, make that -50. That’s closer.

While everyone is busy posting snapshots of their car thermometers and frosty front yards, I’m going to choose to remember the good times until they’re actually here again. Wishful thinking works for me. For anyone else who also happens to be feeling trapped in these winter months, check out this surreal Oklahoma sunset I snapped a couple Springs ago and meditate on all the positive things of life. Go ahead, reminisce over all the good times you’ve had spending your days in the sunshine and fresh air. Don’t worry, it’ll be here again before you know it. That’s the beauty of weather – it generally changes (thank goodness).

Now, carry on. Go accomplish great things and pay no attention to the bone-crackling frigid temps that are waiting to slap you fresh in the face as you sprint out your front door to your pre-started, pre-heated car.

Keep that sunny side up!