About Mattie McClain

Even at a very young age my eyes would tend to brighten for anything involving horses or art. Imagine a little girl, spending many a trip to horse events happily in the back seat of her parents’ truck doodling through a notepad until the entire back seat was covered in pieces of paper. I have many memories of that exact scene. Yeah, I guess you could say this thing and I go way back. My passion for horses has always been within me, and really took shape in my childhood days of growing up in rural Indiana. I had a knack for drawing them, and that developed into something of an early art career. The math was simple: I loved drawing horses, and people loved for me to draw theirs.

My passion for design didn’t begin until much later when my family and I moved to Oklahoma. I really didn’t even think of it as a career possibility until I took a graphic design introductory course in high school where we dabbled in Adobe Creative Suite. I thought, “This is something I want to do.” I can’t really explain it beyond that. It was just a feeling I had, and from that moment forward I started realizing how much I had always unconsciously paid attention to design around me. I wanted to contribute to the great design in the world.

I am always creating and problem solving, whether it’s a complete website redesign, a training session with a young horse, or a watercolor painting. I believe you can never stop learning or improving; experiencing and learning from the work of others is not only essential for growth, but it’s a lot of fun! Likewise, I want to share some of my own work and experience. After all, what good is my knowledge if I don’t share? So this is my playground. This is where hard work meets new ideas, where country draws inspiration from… everything (yes, even the city). This is where design is thoughtful and art runs free. Collaboration and constructive criticism are always welcome. Have a look around – and please, enjoy.

Some Details

I begin with a strong idea, then explore its possibilities through many idea sketches, by hand. Whether it’s a logo, website design, or painting, I have always found best results by resisting technology and trusting my imagination until a solid visual plan has been formed on paper. Then begins the construction using the final media. I will see the idea through its final implementation, down to the last detail.
Seeing my work touch someone emotionally is a truly remarkable thing. I recently completed an art piece of a client with her favorite horse, and seeing her tears of joy upon receiving the painting – that is something I can’t put into words. It’s what makes the hours of work and attention to detail well worth it.
Oklahoma State University Computer Labs, Stillwater Campus
Signage & infographics chosen for use in all campus computer labs.
Creative Lightning Awards
Best of Print, Best Execution, Gold – Corporate Identity Series, Gold – Package Design,
Silver – Logo Design
AIGA Student Competition
Greeting cards chosen to be promoted through AIGA.